Friday, February 4, 2011

Jeepers! + Vintage Opulence

Gorgeous brown maxi slip dress: $150.

I never post! It is all tumblrs' fault! I am there most of the time, dropping pics and sharing love and I forget all about the lovely world of blogspot.
Anyway.... I have recently fallen in love with this beautiful shop of wonders called Vintage Opulence. You all know that I am a ridiculously loyal Etsyan and I spend countless hours scrolling its' pages in wonderland. I am always finding new an d inspiring shops that suit my fancy and this one really hits the mark!

Dusty Mauve Slip Dress: $150.

I have gradually been adding more and more natural kei and mori girl styles into my wardrobe lately. When I discovered lolita it was exciting, new, and fun, everything that I wanted my life to be. I delved in many of the subcategories until I found that even though I loved all types of lolita, it wasn't how I felt every day. I have always been more of what I like to call a "gypsy romantic". I love long, flowy skirts and fairy tale patterns. I live for black lace and pagan inspired motifs. I dream of silken scarves with intricate embroidery and earth jewels hanging from my neck. Which is why when I fist noticed this wonderful shop, I felt that I needed to have everything in it!
This lovely beast has already been sold! But isn't it dreamy?

Beige and dusty pink floral skirt: $110.

This dress has also been sold. It was one of my favourites and I will be creeping their page until I find another like it.Dusty Old Rose Maxi with Crochet Lace: $180
These beautiful hand-dyed- handmade treasures can be found at

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sparkle Madness!

I have been ooohing and aaahing over fairy kei and popkei fashion for a while now and I think I'm about to bust! I just can't get enough of the frills, colours and sparkly goodness that is wrapped into every stitch. I love the 80's influence, and to be honest I have been loving 80's fashion myself!
My friends and I have been on the hunt for some flashy-tacky 80's items and we have found quite a few in stores and on ETSY. This lovely sweater is my fave find so far and is on sale in our new vintage etsy shop!
I have also been perusing Spank! blogs for inspiration. my faves are:
check them out!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Update Update!

I know that I haven't posted in a while and that makes me a huge punk! I have been working on loads of different projects that have been keeping me super busy.
Soon enough I will have another blog, a website and three ETSY shops full of goodies! I have also been collaborating with some lovely ladies for photo shoots and much more!
I am starting a vintage clothing and accessory business with two of my buds Margaux and Michelle. We will have an awesome ETSY shop stocked with everything from crazy eighties sweaters to groovy home furnishings. We will also be blogging about our quests for unique pieces and fashion trends that we find during our adventures.
No more leaks for now, I am excited to talk about holiday wish lists and adorable loli gift finds on ETSY!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

NYAF and La Vida Frills contest!

This years' New York Anime Fest/ Comicon was a great experience! This was the first time that I purchased an artist alley table and I was very happy with it.

My friend Margaux and I!

My table was a bit empty on one side so Margaux knit some beautiful headbands to fill it up. They were a hit!

The fuzzy bows were being snatched up by the second but the bear heads were the first to go.

I will definitely be going again next year. I will have to bring much more merch however, because I was sold out by Saturday evening. We were making headbands on the spot and they were being bought right out of our hands! I even had a girl wait around while I made a custom for her. Intense!

There was an extremely lovely mori/dolly kei/ natural kei panel by Martha of Moss Garden. I really enjoyed learning about the differences of the styles and how easily it was to create coordinates by thrifting in my own town. These three styles have really been growing on me lately! I have always been a forest girl so I really enjoy the elements of nature that these three sub-fashions hold. Interested in learning more? Check out Martha's blog, it is chock full of info and inspiration!
So in love am I with this woodsy style that it inspired my submission into the Dream Coordinate contest by La Vida Frills!

$695 -
Knit leggings »

Gang Hat
$95 -
Fedora hat »

Lanvin Fox fur earmuffs
805 GBP -
Fox fur hat »

Pearl Center Flower Hair Clip
$3.80 -
Hair accessories »

Day gypsy Lavender
111 GBP -
Wrap scarves »

Mixed Grass Wreath
$50 -

Want to enter the contest as well? Do it here!:

Thursday, September 2, 2010

End of Summer Shoot!

Yessssssssssssssssss! I have discovered a new passion!. Well,..not really new. I have always loved to take photos but this was the most fun that I have had doing so in a while. The day was so lovely and fulfilling despite that fact that two of the girls couldn't make it. The three that did were so perfectly suited to the style and so natural that the shoot went off without a hitch.
It was a very, very warm day and the sun shone down on us unmercifully! I tried to get most of the shots in the shade and even took a few by the water. Grounds for Sculpture is such a beautiful place, I recommend it highly.

All of the clothing, bags and hats were vintage. The two petticoats that Laura( blonde!) wore were so delicate and amazing!

We had to wear wristbands to prove that we paid to get in. Can you spot one?
I bought this dress from the Goodwill for $25!
Our little buddy Winthrop. After much screaming (from him!) M put him safely in a tree.

Secret Garden

People all over the park were gawking and asking questions all day. I Thought that it would be pretty obvious what we were doing, (especially since I had a camera and they were posing for it) but apparently not. We were stopped at least 15 times.

People were also quite interest in M's hair!

I was having so much fun that I nearly forgot to take product shots!

By the end of the day we were all hot and tired. We went back to the cafe and had ice cream!

All of the accessories here are being sold in my etsy shop! You can buy them buy clicking on my shop link to the right.
I will be doing shoots for a few fairy kei pieces on Monday so stay tuned!