Tuesday, May 18, 2010

International Lolita Day!!! June 5th!

Wow!! I haven't posted since October!! I am so rude!
Well, I am here now and super excited about this years International Lolita Day events at Kinokuniya bookstore in NY.

Last year I had such a great time meeting with other lolitas, posing, shopping, and eating loads of delicious treats. I just saw an update of the schedule for this year and I cannot wait! Here is a link for those who are interested and in the NY area.

There is going to be so much to see and learn about lolita fashion and how to incorporate it into your everyday life. I am going to be thrilled to see (and hear!) my buddies Zoh (of Morrigan NYC) and Kelsey (of I DO Declare!) talk about their brands and give advice to future designers , and to finally meet the enthralling Victoria Suzanne (of Lolita Charm)!

If you are in the area, come on over! I will be taking the bus along with a few friends, so if you are in the Philly are and need help getting there( or just traveling company!) drop me a message!