Monday, June 29, 2009

The Cloisters Gothic Lolita Meetup

This was the most beautiful and well oraganized meetup I have ever been to! I was so happy that I was able to attend (esp. since I am broke and don't have a job!). The Cloisters is a beautiful piece of gothic heaven full of relics, tapestries, tombs and exquisite gardens.

This was also the largest meet that I have ever attended. there seemed to be about 25 people there all dress in elegant black.
The photo above is Anna Fischer, the photos below are hers!

To see more from Ms. Fischer go here!
She is wonderful!!
To see my silly , totally unprofessional but funny pictures, go here!

Model Crush Monday.....Jessica Stam

just creepy enough that your are interested more than you should be
she's hiding something
you have to know what it is so you can't look away
just can't
if you do, you'll miss everything

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

More sweets for Dina!


Monday, June 22, 2009


New gorgeous pics of my scarves from Nandi!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Blueberry pancakes and iced green tea

One of my favourite things to do is collect. I collect all sorts of things: toys, magazines, stories, stationary. Lately, I have been collecting people. This is something that I just noticed today and found quite amusing. I have a little list of blogs and websites that I check every day for inspiration, and sheer entertainment. This started about two years ago, when I really unleashed all of my curiosity onto the interent. I opened an etsy shop, and started to discover the world of blogging.The first person that really caught me was Princess Skye. I stumbled across the Princess Portal while looking for lolita coordinates and I instantly fell in love. As corny as it sounds, I felt like I had found a kindred spirit from across te world, on te internet. I began to follow her blog, laughing and reminiscing at her post of old fairy tales and her adorable photoshoots. Since then I have watched her evolve into a beautiful dreamy fairyl tale her self, and from Princess Skye, she became The Lost Princess. I started looking for others like her, and like myslef, trapped here in my computer. I started collecting. After Skye was Kumako, a character designer who has a lovely online shop based in Japan. Her love for all things cute mirrored mine so well. I tucked her away in my sidebar. I discovered the mysteriously beautiful Kassandra Leigh Purcell whose self taken photos dazzled me. Doe Deere, and all of her colourful and whimsical collections of clothing and make-up inspired me, and made an instant fan of me. Collect collect. Gala and her smart, relevant articles splashed with whimsy and a stellar wardrobe. Collect. Miss Lumpy, Lolita Charm. Collect Collect. Now my sidebar is full of daydreams, sugary treats , and magical stories of girls all over the internet that share the same ideas and dreams that I have. When I click on there names, I enter a world that is sacred, and hidden away form all of the negative and dream bashing element of the ooutside world. I can sit in a fluffly lavender cloud and sip strawberry tea, or lay in a meadow reading a long lost fable with a few friends. A lovely escape! I must insist that anyone who enjoys a bit of a enchanted getaway every now and then stops by any of their blogs. You might just realize that you are not alone in your world of fantasy either!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

the last supper

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Look , I was Jesus!

There are plenty more shots here!

more loli day

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you know how some people make it so that you can't keep the photos? So you have to keep making new blog posts to capture them? Boo!

Adrienne, me, Melissa, Lea (our new buddy!)

International lolita day!

Lolita fashion
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This was my first time celebrating International Lolita Day with others. Usually I just get all dressd up, go shopping anf have desserts all day. Tha was before I made any lolita friends in my area. Now that I have joined the Philly Loita group, I am not alone! Melissa and I went to celebrate at Kinokuniya, a japanese book sotre in New York. We had the best time meeting everyone, getting snaps, and posing for photographers. We were even interviewed by SamuraiBeat Radio which was really exciting! I took a bunch of pictures, and since my flickr is full and iI refuse to pay, I will put some here, and some on my LJ!