Monday, September 14, 2009

Model Crush Monday : Sohui

Bonus!! Sohui for mousse au chocolat!
She has extraordinary talent and is too adorable for words!

Star Trek mini-post

A few days ago I went to the Star Trek exhibit at the Franklin institute.
I loved it. 100%. I loved seeing all of the old wardrobe and little props that were used. the simulator was fun, but not for those who are easily nauseated, like me. About 13 seconds into it, I wanted off. I tried my best to enjoy the four minute ride, but ultimately, I was ill.

After the exhibit we went to an amazingly delish yogurt shop and had the most wonderful treats ever! If I could remember the name, I would recommend it to everyone!

What I wore:

I think that I am going to start doing outfit snaps for fun!