Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mousse au Chocolat Model Search Winners!! I picked allot more than 10....but I there were a few entries that instantly inspired me to create pieces just based on their entry photos. I couldn't let them go. So, I figured if someone changed their mind, doesn't have time, or explodes, I will have plenty of people to take their place! So out of 257 entries, I picked 35. Out of that 35, I picked 17. ( I kept the other entries as well, I knew that 35 would be ridiculous, but I couldn't let the rest of them go!) I think that is pretty good considering how wonderful all of the entries were! are the winners!!

The other 18 that I couldn't let go of:

Lindsay (inuyashagirl5017)


Rosa van der Kamp

Michelle Bonavitacola

Lady Solo

Estherbel Pascha

Peggy Nguyen

Literary Eagle

Sara (calondara)

Kaen Haku

Thanh Nguyen

Marissa Saradpon

Shelby Cloud

Rebecca Joy

Kayleigh Acari

Ming Yick

Hannah ( hanlier lanier)


I may still need you guys! I kept all of you because their was a certain something about your entry that inspired me. I may create a collection named after you, or inspired by you!

Thank you to everyone who has entered. I never knew that I would get such a huge response from such beautiful and talented people such as yourselves!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

ETSY Valentine Love!!

Broke? I know I am! Ha! Don't hurt yourself this year buying all kinds of meaningless sparkly stuff and chocolates that will stay in the box until next V-day. I found all sorts of beautiful and unique gifts that are affordable and show that you didn't stop at 7-11 at the last minute while picking up a gallon of milk and remembered it was Valentines day and snatched up some junk. (That has never happened to me, by the way! I just know that it happens alot!)
With ETSY, you can get really specific, which is something that I really value when it comes to buying gifts. I want the recipient to know that I pay attention to what they like, and I really tried to find something that they would wear (or eat!) knowing that this was picked out especially for them! Here are some really adorable things that I just adore! I have purchased items form some of these shops before, and I adore them.

Heart Shaped Zip Pouch $15

I Love You Cookie Bouquet $13.50

Velvet Heart to Heart Clips $6.95

Real Rose Wire Ring $15

Dexter the Bat $24

Valentines Heart earrings $10

Bear Ear Warmers $12.50

These are fabulous! I have a pair in red and they are so snuggly warm, I don't what I would do without them!

Love Tea Cake $8

I have one of these in chocolate. It is the yummiest hair treat ever!

Red Luv Luv Bearlet $14

I love these!!! I have a little mint Bear that I named "Pepper Mintman" ( even though green would be spearmint!) He is so adorable and well made, I want a billion more!!

Strawberry Cheesecake Ring $10

Very sweet seller! I got an adorable little giraffe pin and earring set from her, she is super sweet!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

on a sweeter note........babies and names

A close friend of mine is having a baby!! This news really puts me into pink and blue mode.
I don't have any children of my own, so i can't stop badgering her with questions
How do you feel?
What is happening with your body?
What types of things are you craving?
What things are stinky to you now?
I am a mess. Every time that I see her I ask her at least one of those questions, putting a different nae for her baby in every time.
How is little Caleb today?
Does little Hortense want some salad?
Naming the child is the most fascinating task to me. I have an affinity to name every thing that I see. All of the mannequins at work have names. Even my massage table has a name. I have named my unborn children dozens of times. (my boyfriend doesn' t agree to any of them!)
I have always wanted my children to have unique names, and I would love to use nouns! For example:
for a girl
Clover is my favourite!
for a boy

What can I say? I have unique tastes!


I sold my first bow scarf on March 28, 2008. I was so excited to have created something that I really loved, and to have others love them too was just wonderful! I never thought that I would need protection, or that I should get a copyright for my work.

When I made my first scarf, I had never seen another like it on ETSY. I checked before I made it. I didn't want to make something that someone had already made, I would feel horrible. What if they had stayed up all night thinking of a unique and adorable scarf to share with the world? What if they had used their last bit of money to purchase the yarn to make the prototype?(I'm being dramatic!)

Luckily, I didn't find another like the one in my imagination. SO I made it, and I loved it. It was so special, my first creation with the gift of crochet lessons from my mother. Yes!!!!.....No.... Now I see them popping up everywhere. Sadness(more drama). But I though it was mine!! Nope! Art imitates art, as well as life. So.....I need a copyright!

To obtain I copyright, I will need $35. Sadly, I don't have $35. If I did have it, I would use it to get gas, food, or pay a bill (half of a bill at least!). So know this, all of you who really want a bow scarf but haven't gotten one (haha!!! you know that you want one!) THE NEXT TWO SCARVES SOLD WILL GO TO MY COPYRIGHT!!! I am not trying to accuse anyone, or start any trouble. I just want to keep my scarves mine. They are still slightly different than the others that I have seen, so I hope that this will keep them in a league of their own.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


oooooh! I'm in another treasury!!!! Yay yay for Valentines day!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Model Competition ♥

Well, my dears, I have been having such a wonderful and tough time choosing only five models for my brand. So tough.....really tough. Not only am I receiving beautiful and professional entries, I have found so many of them to be very versatile, unique, and aesthetically pleasing to my dreamy eye. So................................
After careful consideration, and meetings with fellow crafters and knowledgeable colleagues, I have decided to choose 10 models instead of just five. There are many reasons to add more models that seemed obvious to others that I hadn't even thought of.
*What if someone gets sick and can't do right away?
*What if someone is out of town?
*What if they all go on holiday at the same time?
*What if all five want to model the same one thing?
*What if you would like a redhead with glasses to model the kelly green bow scarf with ruffles!?
* What if all of the things that I just mentioned happened at once!
Oh NO!! That would be horrible! Not only do I have to consider all of those things, but the entries were just! So many different elements that I would like to bring to Mousse au Chocolat! I have to have them all! I must! I must have that beautiful mod girl! I must have that gorgeous and elegant boy!!
So....after I calmed myself........ I made my decision. More models = more versatility!
I have already received over 200 entries , and I expect I shall receive 200 more. Thank you to everyone who has entered already, I loved seeing all of your lovely faces! To those of you who haven' it!! I want to see you too! Take a peek at the original post ( ) and try it out!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Billie Vice

WWOOOOo! I love dressing up, so when I saw the 80's rock fan contest on I jumped at the oppurtunityl to enter!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Today I dream in yellows......

Today I feel
like I'm riding on a sweet lemon scented cloud