Wednesday, October 13, 2010

NYAF and La Vida Frills contest!

This years' New York Anime Fest/ Comicon was a great experience! This was the first time that I purchased an artist alley table and I was very happy with it.

My friend Margaux and I!

My table was a bit empty on one side so Margaux knit some beautiful headbands to fill it up. They were a hit!

The fuzzy bows were being snatched up by the second but the bear heads were the first to go.

I will definitely be going again next year. I will have to bring much more merch however, because I was sold out by Saturday evening. We were making headbands on the spot and they were being bought right out of our hands! I even had a girl wait around while I made a custom for her. Intense!

There was an extremely lovely mori/dolly kei/ natural kei panel by Martha of Moss Garden. I really enjoyed learning about the differences of the styles and how easily it was to create coordinates by thrifting in my own town. These three styles have really been growing on me lately! I have always been a forest girl so I really enjoy the elements of nature that these three sub-fashions hold. Interested in learning more? Check out Martha's blog, it is chock full of info and inspiration!
So in love am I with this woodsy style that it inspired my submission into the Dream Coordinate contest by La Vida Frills!

$695 -
Knit leggings »

Gang Hat
$95 -
Fedora hat »

Lanvin Fox fur earmuffs
805 GBP -
Fox fur hat »

Pearl Center Flower Hair Clip
$3.80 -
Hair accessories »

Day gypsy Lavender
111 GBP -
Wrap scarves »

Mixed Grass Wreath
$50 -

Want to enter the contest as well? Do it here!: