Friday, February 4, 2011

Jeepers! + Vintage Opulence

Gorgeous brown maxi slip dress: $150.

I never post! It is all tumblrs' fault! I am there most of the time, dropping pics and sharing love and I forget all about the lovely world of blogspot.
Anyway.... I have recently fallen in love with this beautiful shop of wonders called Vintage Opulence. You all know that I am a ridiculously loyal Etsyan and I spend countless hours scrolling its' pages in wonderland. I am always finding new an d inspiring shops that suit my fancy and this one really hits the mark!

Dusty Mauve Slip Dress: $150.

I have gradually been adding more and more natural kei and mori girl styles into my wardrobe lately. When I discovered lolita it was exciting, new, and fun, everything that I wanted my life to be. I delved in many of the subcategories until I found that even though I loved all types of lolita, it wasn't how I felt every day. I have always been more of what I like to call a "gypsy romantic". I love long, flowy skirts and fairy tale patterns. I live for black lace and pagan inspired motifs. I dream of silken scarves with intricate embroidery and earth jewels hanging from my neck. Which is why when I fist noticed this wonderful shop, I felt that I needed to have everything in it!
This lovely beast has already been sold! But isn't it dreamy?

Beige and dusty pink floral skirt: $110.

This dress has also been sold. It was one of my favourites and I will be creeping their page until I find another like it.Dusty Old Rose Maxi with Crochet Lace: $180
These beautiful hand-dyed- handmade treasures can be found at