Saturday, June 20, 2009

Blueberry pancakes and iced green tea

One of my favourite things to do is collect. I collect all sorts of things: toys, magazines, stories, stationary. Lately, I have been collecting people. This is something that I just noticed today and found quite amusing. I have a little list of blogs and websites that I check every day for inspiration, and sheer entertainment. This started about two years ago, when I really unleashed all of my curiosity onto the interent. I opened an etsy shop, and started to discover the world of blogging.The first person that really caught me was Princess Skye. I stumbled across the Princess Portal while looking for lolita coordinates and I instantly fell in love. As corny as it sounds, I felt like I had found a kindred spirit from across te world, on te internet. I began to follow her blog, laughing and reminiscing at her post of old fairy tales and her adorable photoshoots. Since then I have watched her evolve into a beautiful dreamy fairyl tale her self, and from Princess Skye, she became The Lost Princess. I started looking for others like her, and like myslef, trapped here in my computer. I started collecting. After Skye was Kumako, a character designer who has a lovely online shop based in Japan. Her love for all things cute mirrored mine so well. I tucked her away in my sidebar. I discovered the mysteriously beautiful Kassandra Leigh Purcell whose self taken photos dazzled me. Doe Deere, and all of her colourful and whimsical collections of clothing and make-up inspired me, and made an instant fan of me. Collect collect. Gala and her smart, relevant articles splashed with whimsy and a stellar wardrobe. Collect. Miss Lumpy, Lolita Charm. Collect Collect. Now my sidebar is full of daydreams, sugary treats , and magical stories of girls all over the internet that share the same ideas and dreams that I have. When I click on there names, I enter a world that is sacred, and hidden away form all of the negative and dream bashing element of the ooutside world. I can sit in a fluffly lavender cloud and sip strawberry tea, or lay in a meadow reading a long lost fable with a few friends. A lovely escape! I must insist that anyone who enjoys a bit of a enchanted getaway every now and then stops by any of their blogs. You might just realize that you are not alone in your world of fantasy either!


Victoria Suzanne said...

thank you for this. it was very beautiful. you are a pretty doll in my collection too :)

Velo said...

i think you love japan style. =D
very adorable.