Monday, June 29, 2009

The Cloisters Gothic Lolita Meetup

This was the most beautiful and well oraganized meetup I have ever been to! I was so happy that I was able to attend (esp. since I am broke and don't have a job!). The Cloisters is a beautiful piece of gothic heaven full of relics, tapestries, tombs and exquisite gardens.

This was also the largest meet that I have ever attended. there seemed to be about 25 people there all dress in elegant black.
The photo above is Anna Fischer, the photos below are hers!

To see more from Ms. Fischer go here!
She is wonderful!!
To see my silly , totally unprofessional but funny pictures, go here!


misslumpy said...

I wish I knew about this! I love the Cloisters, I went there on a field trip in middle school. Though I don't really wear gothic, so I probably wouldn't have fit in. You all look gorgeous, though!

Olivia (Oli) said...

Ahhh everyone looked wonderful <3

kawaiinana said...

what a beautiful setting