Monday, September 14, 2009

Model Crush Monday : Sohui

Bonus!! Sohui for mousse au chocolat!
She has extraordinary talent and is too adorable for words!


Victoria Suzanne said...

the waffle photo just kills me, and the beautiful one with your scarf! I hope I can live up to them for your photos <3

Caro-chan said...

Oh my gooosh she's adorable! That second to last one is just too cute, she looks like a little mouse!

I just noticed the music on your blog. I used to love Emilie Simon but only ever a few random songs by her <3 I think I'm going to go on a hunt for more of her music now!

mousse said...

@ Caro-chan
Yes! I love Emilie. Her collaborations are nice as well!

mousse said...

@ Victoria Suzanne
She really is too adorable! I am so glad that I caught her before I became too afraid to approach her!

Elise said...

Just great - as you say, extraordinary talent !