Tuesday, October 13, 2009

OOh Halloween!

I am a holiday lover. I love any day that is dedicated to something special and often celebrate the holidays of other cultures and make up some of my own. Halloween happens to be one of my favourites because of all of the wonderful goodies that surround it.
Feasting, coloured leaves falling from the trees, costumes and CANDY! I also love all of the little characters and colours schemes that go along. Of course, I made an ETSY Halloween search and found some treasures to share!

Candy corn dress http://skycreation.etsy.com/ $65

Zombie Garden hair clip http://sumaria.etsy.com/ $18

Candy Ribcage Tee http://applenoggin.etsy.com/ $25

Hallowee, hair bows http://sostrawberry.etsy.com/ $6

Orange Hello Kitty hair bow http://alishascreations.etsy.com/ $10

Sexy Bat stockings http://post.etsy.com/ $23

Halloween Hello Kitty clip http://craftyaddictions.etsy.com $4

Frankenstein maryjaneshttp://emandsprout.etsy.com/ $24


Helen said...

Those are all such cute things! I love the head-piece and the dress~
Halloween is the best.

SaffronSugar said...

These things are really cute! I love the hair accessories and the t-shirt~

Ari♥ said...

that kitty bow is perfect! i whanted to dress up as hello kitty for halloween but a friend told me i looked silly

mousse said...

@ Ari: I love silly! And I am sure you would look more adorable than silly anyway!