Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pearly wonders

I have been very busy with new scarf designs! these are just a few of the styles that I have working on. I am in full pearl mode! I am thinking of making matching headbows to go with these. I am goin to need more pearls soon ♥


SaffronSugar said...

They're so cute and pretty * _ *

Dina said...

hey its Dina,
me and Nandi finally have the shoot sorted for Friday :) major excited as its been a long time as our routines clashed so much as we work opposites! but finally it is near :):)

mousse said...

@ Dina: Yayayay! I am very excited! I know that the two of you are very busy so it is much appreciated!

mousse said...

@ SaffronSugar:
Thank you kindly!