Monday, August 9, 2010

Model rush Monday: AMO

Isn't she just beyond adorable??!?! I really find her to be the most genuinely cute person I have ever seen on paper! I tried to find some of her street snaps and photos from Kera magazine to show her day to day style (which is a mixture of romance meets grunge) but I couldn't find any online. She is frequently photographed in Kera magazine and it just rocks my socks whenever I see her little face!


Dina said...

Hey it's Dina (the one in the banner haha)
I met Amo earlier this year when i was in Japan, omg and some people were even crying :O it was crazy! x

mousse said...

!!!Wow!! I love her! She is just beyond adorable! How sweet. I really love these two photos of you, they are so gorgeous! Thank you so much!