Saturday, November 1, 2008

My lonely meal

Well, not really. I mean I'm alone...but not sadly alone.....bla bla....

I helped my grandparents move into their new apartment today. It's getting cold outside, and all that I could think about all day was going home to my cuddley cat (who is still with me!) and eating a hot meal. When this finally happended, it was so well worth the wait!

  • Ricotta Cavatelli with 4 cheese marinara
  • Organic broccoli flourets (with lots of curry!)
  • Whole wheat roll w/ butter
  • Antioxident green tea with cran/raspberry

Oh yea! And a cranberry mandarin candle!I highly recommend these!

While I enjoyed my meal I watched my new favorite anime, Super Gals! I know, I know. Trash talking, potty mouthed girls are not cute. But, it really makes me laugh. Out loud! Which is rare.

What do you do on snuggly nights alone?