Saturday, November 1, 2008

Princess Challenge: October

I love the Princess Portal! Every month, Princess Skye comes up with a clever challenge for us. These challenges are always well thought, aiming to enrich our lives as princesses. This months' challenge was to face one of your fears. Now, just being honest, there aren't many things that I am afraid of. I'm not afraid of the dark, speaking in public, being naked in public, heights, or any other common fears of that sort. I do have a horrible fear of death, but I don't think that I can conquer that until I die. So (sorry to be morbid!), I really wasn't quite sure about what I would do. then I remembered. Bees. I have never been stung by a bee. I know that everyone says that they will leave you alone unless you bother them, but it seems like if they are around, they want me. No matter what I am doing, if bees are around, I stop and run. They circle me! I swear to beans they do! I know that I'm probably overreacting,but they get so close to me with there buzzing and flying and.......I'm getting creeped out just typing about it! Once, when I was innocently pumping my gas, a couple of bees that were sipping on trash can juice came over to torment me while pumping. I ran. I left my car with the gas pump sitting in it and ran around the parking lot like a lunatic. Eventually I went back to my car (when the bees were gone!) and decided to continue pumping somewhere else. No bees for me!

So for my challenge, I decided to search out some bees, apologise for being insensitive (maybe they just want to be friends?) and ask for a quick photo of their lovely home. I went to my favorite local nature trail and search for a hive. i was nearing the end of the trail and feeling a bit discouraged when I found this:

A cute little( actually huge) tree, singing. Or......humming? No.......BUZZING! I ran at first. There were so many bees flying all around that tree. The whole area was swarming with the little buggers! I mustered up my guts ( pulled my heart out of my throat) and approached the tree.

I got a little closer, introduced myself , and snapped a shot. This is as close as I could get before my camera blurred them out! In stead of walking back the other way, I walked through the buzzing crowd to the other side, and sighed happily as the noise disappeared into the past.

Whooo!!!! I was really scared! What things are you afraid of?