Monday, November 17, 2008

To weave or not to weave

I'm taking out my weave today after about a month of having long hair. I'm simply tired of it, and I do enjoy my short hair so much that I figured I could use a change. I'm sure my boyfriend will be happy. He does'nt like fake hair. He always asks " What if I was wearing a fake beard or something?" That woudl indeed be weird, but I don't think the two are quite the same. Sometimes I want short hair, and sometimes I don't. Whenever the weather is poor, I would rather wear my hair in a ponytail than curl it up just so that it can fall back down. But, when the weather is cold, I want to wear hats, and they usually don't fit with my weave style. So, it comes out again! I love that kind of versatitlity and I will embrace it!

Plus with weave I can add all kinds of colors and not be committed to them!