Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Tree!!!!

Christmas is sooooo close I can taste it! It is a bit sour this year, but I can't shake my Christmas excitement. Although I didn't have any money for presents, and neither did anyone in my family, I am excited to spend the day with my favorite people and eat yummy cakes while watching my favorite holiday films! I know that they are corny, but holiday films have always been my favorites. Home Alone, Jingle all the Way, and The Santa Clause never fail to make me laugh and feel sentimental every time I watch them (which is usually about seven times each around the last week of xmas!). I was extremely fortunate to have a tree donated to me this year by my lovely boss, and I made quite a few of my ornaments. I really have such a wonderful job, there is always some kind of little treats I get to take home and keep! The roses, tissue paper bows, and red ribbon bows were all parts of old displays we used to use at work. Now they adorn my adorable tree! I also received a very cute little ornament from

It is an adorable little gingerbread man with his little foot bitten off. I love it! I used the drunken Santa's and the ninjabread men I made last year as well. For a totally free tree, I think it turned out pretty well!


Michelle said...

what a great tree! I love it!

Torii-Lee ☆ Gorgeous ♥ said...

I love the gingerbread man! lol <3

StickyKitten said...

gorgeous christmas tree!