Monday, December 22, 2008

Michelle's Charm World!!!!

OK. So everyone who knows me knows that my favorite place to shop is ETSY. As a matter of fact, all of the Christmas gifts that I got for everyone, I traded for there! It really is the most wonderful site with the most creative people I have ever intermet. One of the shops that I often browse when I'm looking for fun, adorable and unique treats is

So fun! I recently received a beautiful little package from her, full of colours and gorgeous little sweets! Unfortunately my camera battery just zonked, so I could only take a picture of one of my items, but I have much more to show!. The site is full of great pieces with charms that remind me of playing with a dollhouse. I acquired these sweet cake earrings, a teacup ring (with a little faux tea in it!), bon bon earrings, peppermint swirl earrings, and many more items that have recently been making my friends and co-workers jealous! The seller really is a sweetheart, and I know I will be back again to nab more of her goodies!!


Michelle said...

awwwww you are too sweet! And I looooove that photo!!!!!!

mousse said...

I love my snow flake long johns!

Lemon Drops said...

Hey! I included your bow scarf in my collection of philly etsy new years resolutions!
Hope to hand out soon (O and by the way my presents were fabulous. I <3 them to death!)

Love lynn