Thursday, January 8, 2009

Mousse au Chocolat model search competition

I am on a model search! Do you know someone who loves lolita fashion and taking pictures of themselves? (besides me) Do you know anyone that is kinda good at it? Do you know someone in the Philly area who would let me snap pics of them an dress them up for free merchandise? Send them to me!!! i am always looking for someone with a sweet , gothic, or alternative look to model my goods. They don't have to live anywhere near me, I can send the items in the mail! I am extremely lucky to have a gorgeous best friend, but she is a mother and a very busy woman! I am also quite fortunate that Princess Skye from was able to take this adorable photo for me

as well as having the lovely Sohui take this one!

If any of you out there in the world want to send in some shots of yourself, or send a link to your website, feel free! I cannot offer anyone money, but I can offer free Mousse au Chocolat treasures! I will be picking 5 models from around the world to become models for my brand. These girls will received three items each from my shop to pose with. If everything works out, these girls will receive three new items every six months to pose with and keep! Along with the tree items, each girl will also get a discount on any other items that they might want to have. I will be accepting entries now until the 31st of January by email. The photos don't have to be professional (I have photoshop and a graphic designer boyfriend) but a nice clear head shot is preferred! Please send entries to:
Good luck to everyone and have a sweet day!!


StickyKitten said...

I would love to model for your brand! I will send you some pics--maybe I can help you out. I live near Philly too. =)
Now, that I have one of your items I can send you a picture--been meaning to do that anyway!!
I am still planning on posting about you on my blog, just been a little under the weather this week.

milkattack said...

Hello! I would be very interested in modelling for you! I love your bow shaped scarves, I first saw one on Princess Skye and I thought it was the cutest thing!

I live in Oregon, USA.

My blog is

If you scroll a little bit you can see my most recent sweet lolita pictures.

I would love this opportunity, please let me know!

haido said...

I would love to be considered. <3 I can send you a couple of photos this afternoon as soon as I'm home from classes.

fuuka-faery said...

My name is Amanda, I would love to model for you. I don't really have any recent shots of myself, but I can link you to some of my stuff.

I have also on my myspace these pictures: (please skip the first two albums, they are not relevent ^_^')

I have a good friend with a very nice camera, and she is a wonderful photographer, I am sure that she would be willing to take photos for me. The only thing would be that you must acknowlege her as the photographer on your site. No money involved just recognition <3 If you are interested please please please e-mail me back at fuuka[@]

manavxemi said...

Hi! I came from your post in the egl community on livejournal~ :3

I would love to model for your scarves, they look amazing!
I currently live in Los Angeles, have experience in modeling and have friends who are capable of doing very good photography as well (for free, of course.)

Here's my livejournal--

and some pics if you wanna know what I look like :3
(The first two pictures are more recent)

you can contact me via livejournal, or my email at

Mindy said...

Hi! modelling sounds like tons of fun, and your stuff is really pretty :).
i have this pic:

and you can email me at for more pics if you're interested!
i live in glendale, CA. XD

lolitariotous said...

Your stuff is lovely... I live nowhere near you (SF Bay area, to be exact) but I'll send in pics anyway because it sounds like fun. My email:
Crappy photo so you can see my looks here: but I will send you better quality ones as soon as I recharge my camera battery. :)

littlesebastien said...

Hi, I saw your post on EGL about this

I'm a pro model and a lolita

my site is
though there aren't lolita photos on there of me, it will give you an idea what I look like. I wear a lot of sweet, gothic, classic, etc.

babyseb at

madohatteru said...

I am redhead. I dyed my hair in brown since a while tough, so that explain my hair color on others pictures.

I live in Canada.
If you want to reach me, send an email to
I hope you enjoyed to see it.

tweekay said...

I am a redhead, it's dyed, so I hope it's okay ^//^;
I don't have pictures of me being a redhead in lolita clothes because I've dyed my hair only a week ago xD but I have bodyline and anna house clothes.
I've been a model in the past so I would love to model for you ^-^

my email: carmenvdv[@]msn[DOT]com

Christine said...

Hi, I'm a redhead who would love to model one of your scarves. If you go to, most of that gallery is my self portrait photography. I'm seeinglife on LJ. :)

layer-cake-lie said...

I am interested as well. I have been a red head for several years but it can be kinda bright and coppery at times. its dyed of course but i also wear glasses they are deep purple with pink tint. if you would like i can send some photos that or more recent or there are some from several months ago on my myspace.

S said...

I have started up a blog about myself and where I talk about lolita stores just like yours. Would be great to model your products and talk about them.

You can find me at

misadesu said...

Hello, I'm interested in modeling some of your items! I'm in school right now but I live in Philly, I come home every few weeks. :)

rosa-duchamp said...

I've send you an email :]

evilnekohilda said...

I sent you an email~ :)

My address is hotfrogdog(@)hotmail(.)com so please watch for it!