Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mousse au Chocolat Model Search Winners!! I picked allot more than 10....but I there were a few entries that instantly inspired me to create pieces just based on their entry photos. I couldn't let them go. So, I figured if someone changed their mind, doesn't have time, or explodes, I will have plenty of people to take their place! So out of 257 entries, I picked 35. Out of that 35, I picked 17. ( I kept the other entries as well, I knew that 35 would be ridiculous, but I couldn't let the rest of them go!) I think that is pretty good considering how wonderful all of the entries were! are the winners!!

The other 18 that I couldn't let go of:

Lindsay (inuyashagirl5017)


Rosa van der Kamp

Michelle Bonavitacola

Lady Solo

Estherbel Pascha

Peggy Nguyen

Literary Eagle

Sara (calondara)

Kaen Haku

Thanh Nguyen

Marissa Saradpon

Shelby Cloud

Rebecca Joy

Kayleigh Acari

Ming Yick

Hannah ( hanlier lanier)


I may still need you guys! I kept all of you because their was a certain something about your entry that inspired me. I may create a collection named after you, or inspired by you!

Thank you to everyone who has entered. I never knew that I would get such a huge response from such beautiful and talented people such as yourselves!


evilnekohilda said...

So many gorgeous people~ *o* Congrats to the winners!!!

x said...

Yay, some of my favorite lolitas!

stephiee said...

sweet ^^