Thursday, January 29, 2009

ETSY Valentine Love!!

Broke? I know I am! Ha! Don't hurt yourself this year buying all kinds of meaningless sparkly stuff and chocolates that will stay in the box until next V-day. I found all sorts of beautiful and unique gifts that are affordable and show that you didn't stop at 7-11 at the last minute while picking up a gallon of milk and remembered it was Valentines day and snatched up some junk. (That has never happened to me, by the way! I just know that it happens alot!)
With ETSY, you can get really specific, which is something that I really value when it comes to buying gifts. I want the recipient to know that I pay attention to what they like, and I really tried to find something that they would wear (or eat!) knowing that this was picked out especially for them! Here are some really adorable things that I just adore! I have purchased items form some of these shops before, and I adore them.

Heart Shaped Zip Pouch $15

I Love You Cookie Bouquet $13.50

Velvet Heart to Heart Clips $6.95

Real Rose Wire Ring $15

Dexter the Bat $24

Valentines Heart earrings $10

Bear Ear Warmers $12.50

These are fabulous! I have a pair in red and they are so snuggly warm, I don't what I would do without them!

Love Tea Cake $8

I have one of these in chocolate. It is the yummiest hair treat ever!

Red Luv Luv Bearlet $14

I love these!!! I have a little mint Bear that I named "Pepper Mintman" ( even though green would be spearmint!) He is so adorable and well made, I want a billion more!!

Strawberry Cheesecake Ring $10

Very sweet seller! I got an adorable little giraffe pin and earring set from her, she is super sweet!


Bags and Buds said...

I am so honored that you chose my zipper bag for your blog. Thanks and hope you have a happy Valentines Day.

Chen Reichert said...

great picks!! that ring looks so yummy!

allyssa rea; said...

i absolutely loveeeee that rose ring. and dexter the bat is too cute, he makes me laugh!