Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I ♥ Tuesdays Product Review: Body Language Soaps


For as long as I remember, I have had a fixation with lip gloss. Any kind. I just love it, and I feel as if I need to have it on at all times. I do have it on at all times, in fact I'm applying it with one hand and typing with the other. I have a white carriage in my bathroom about the size of a small shoebox, full of lip glosses. All different sizes, shapes, glossiness's, and flavours( except watermelon...eek).
I have recently decided to make my own beauty products, or to buy handmade form others. Of course I went straight to ETSY to see what I could find. I tried a few different shops, five to be exact before I fell in love completely. Body Language Soaps. So good. SO GOOD. Not only do they have a lovely variety of products to choose from (lotions, soaps, lip balm, and sugar scrubs), but the quality of the products is wonderful! The scents are so vibrant and realistic! The lotion is so quenching! The soap lather is so velvety! THE LIP BALM IS SO SMOOTH! This was my greatest joy of course, the balm. I ordered the lotion sampler and the lip balm sampler. The flavours that I chose are amazing! My two favourite balms are the raspberry lemonade and the chocolate raspberry. I adore the vixen lotion as well, it is a lot like sweet pea, but somehow sexier! I highly recommend this ETSY shop, I will be going back every time I get a little low on balm, it is so buttery smooth, I am hooked! http://blsoaps.etsy.com/

I really love this carrot facial bar , it leaves my skin feeling fresh and it smells great! $6.50

Vixen sugar scrub, yum! Vegan!!!! $12

I am such a huge fan of this lotion, it is so refreshing! $6.50

Buttery smooth lip balm sampler $15 for 5

This is on my wish list! Temptress Body Gloss $12


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