Monday, April 27, 2009


Remember when I said that when I am feeling less than dandy, I shop?!? Well, I was recently released form a sad little rain cloud and boy do I have loads of things to review!! Oh, and a new mini obsession....Twilight... I know, it's a little old, and very over exposed, but I was convinced.

While picking up my god-daughter from school I noticed that she had a new back pack. It used to be High School Musical, now it was Twilight. The entire walk home was spent with her trying to convince me to watch it with her. I refused. For two days. On the third day, I gave in. (after making her promise not to spill her guts and tell me everything before it happened!) I don't know if it was the way she was gushing over how cute Edward was (she's 7) or the way she would do a worksheet then ask to watch it, then eat a sandwich, and ask again, but I just couldn't say no anymore. So......we watched it. At first, I was pretty unimpressed. I mean, the characters were gorgeous, which really helped it out, but the special effects were super cheesy and some of the acting seemed...overdone. Nevertheless, I went home, and ordered it from Amazon. What can I say? I'm a total sucker for vampires, especially sexy vampires with a love interest that happens to be Kristen Stewart. The chemistry was perfect, and that made the film for me. I just finished the first book. It took me three days. It could have taken only a couple of hours, but I have two jobs! I ordered the second book in the middle of reading the first. Bad idea! I didn't think that I would zoom through the last 200 pages in an hour. I don't even think that it was shipped yet. Now, I wait.

While browsing ETSY, I found loads and loads of Twilight themed merch! Here are a few things that I looooove Check it out!!

Alice Cullen Crest necklace
Twilight Apple Foaming Sugar Scrub
Bad Guy Wallet

Cullen Family Crest Ring

Forbidden Fruit Charm Necklace

I Run With Vampires Necklace