Monday, May 25, 2009

If you're going to crash, just BYOB!

My best friend and I have a joint birthday party every year. We figured, since we are only a week apart, it just worked better that way.This year, we decided on n Alice in Wonderland theme, much to my delight! I will be dressing as Alice, of course, ans Karen will be the queen of hearts. Believe me, our choices are very well suited!

I really didn't prepare for this years party the way that I should have, but I decided to make a little post, just in case I have missed anyone with invitations or anything. Here is a little rundown of what we have planned:




Wonderland themed drinks!

water balloons


blind/drunken painting the roses red

wild music (we're all mad here!)

slip and slide!

Karen also has a huge variety of 70's style games, and there will be loads of photos taken!

That morning I will be in Philly at the Art Star Craft Bazaar from about 11-1 browsing and meeting fellow craft folk, and the day after I will be on Antique Row with the Philly Lolitas, and dining at the creperie afterwards! Anyone is welcomed to join in any of these festivities, I am a strong believer in the "the more the merrier!"

Karen and I like to celebrate our birthday for the the entire week between mine and hers, so there will loads of fun to post about when it is all over!!


brandi milne said...

Happy Alice In Wonderland B-day!!!