Sunday, June 7, 2009

International lolita day!

Lolita fashion
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This was my first time celebrating International Lolita Day with others. Usually I just get all dressd up, go shopping anf have desserts all day. Tha was before I made any lolita friends in my area. Now that I have joined the Philly Loita group, I am not alone! Melissa and I went to celebrate at Kinokuniya, a japanese book sotre in New York. We had the best time meeting everyone, getting snaps, and posing for photographers. We were even interviewed by SamuraiBeat Radio which was really exciting! I took a bunch of pictures, and since my flickr is full and iI refuse to pay, I will put some here, and some on my LJ!


Ari♥ said...

you looked so cute! 10 to your coordinate, btw thanks for following my blog, i will follow yours, cuz is cute and i love the stuff you make