Friday, August 6, 2010

A bunch of outfits and a new challenge

I really don't know what's going on with all of these serious faces. I must not have felt well!

I love wearing frames!!
I also love wearing loads of colour!

Yay!!!! O.K. so not really a bunch, but a few! I really love getting super creative with what I wear but sometimes it can be a bit difficult. Many of us have careers that require us to stick to a certain dress code. The dress code where I work isn't too bad, but it can be a bit restricting for someone who wears lolita aka: me. It is especially hard around this time of year BECAUSE DURING BACK TO SCHOOL SEASON WE ARE REQUIRED TO WEAR JEANS EVERYDAY. I wrote that in all caps because that is how it makes me feel. All caps. No skirts, no shorts with colourful tights, no frilly dresses (that is not allowed anyway) only DENIM. No fun for me.
So I have made the decision to challenge myself.
How can I beautify my denim prison?
How can I make 30 something days of denim work for me?
By incorporating my person style and flair into each blue stitch that's how!! So here starts the 30 something day denim challenge!! Every day I will wear my jeans with as much creativity as possible and post my piccies here to help inspire of jean wearers to break the blue britches mold!!!!


Miss Lumpy said...

I'm excited for your challenge! Definitely post pics~

starification said...

omg you have such amazing style and clothes. i'm so jealous!

that first shirt is so awesome. the kitty astronaut! where did you get it? :D

mousse said...

@MIss Lumpy: Thanks! I will!
@Starification: All of the t-shirts are from Delia's! We have some really amazing tees, they are my favourite thing about working there!

Anonymous said...

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