Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mori inspired shoot tomorrow!

Melissa and her inspiration hair!

After a long day of recuperation ( I had the sniffles yesterday) I finally feel well enough to be excited for the photo shoot that I put together for tomorrow! I was inspired while at Otakon by my friend Melissa's long wavy hair. I was just about to fall asleep when I noticed her unbraiding her long locks and thought to myself:

"That hair would look great with lots of crochet accessories in it, maybe with a woodsy background.....with neutral colours and ribbons and flowers and.......zzzzzz"

Yup, I fell asleep after that. But I never forgot my plans, and tomorrow they will come into fruition!

I borrowed a few girls from work to join in my little shoot (for variety in hair colour and length) and we will be shooting at Grounds for Sculpture!

Because it is still hot, I didn't really want to go into full on mori style. I really look forward to the cooler days when I can however!
I will post our pics tomorrow!


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